Notice – Private Sale of Certain Borough Owned Property

March 27, 2017 1:23 pm

ORDINANCE # 2017-955



 PURSUANT TO N.J.S.A. 40A:12-13(b)

                                                            SUMMARY SYNOPSIS

            Ordinance #2017-955 offers by private sale to contiguous property owners for the highest bid the properties identified hereinbelow on Schedule “A” at the minimum bid indicated.  The successful Purchaser shall also pay any and all expenses incurred by the Borough in connection with the sale and transfer of the property title, including but not limited to legal, survey, title and environmental fees, if any.  The Borough shall solicit bids from all owners of parcels adjacent to the properties listed hereinbelow from March 23, 2017, the date of advertisement of the Notice and shall require that such bids be submitted to the Borough Clerk by 10 A.M. on April 12, 2017.  The Borough Clerk shall open all bids received at 10 A.M. on April 12, 2017. 

            Notice is hereby given that the Borough Council of the Borough of Pine Hill adopted the above titled Ordinance at a final reading held on March 20, 2017. 

                                                                                    Thomas Cardis, Borough Clerk


            PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:12-13(b), the Borough of Pine Hill has authorized for private sale the following properties to the owners of real property contiguous thereto as the Borough owned property is less than the minimum size for development under the Borough Zoning Ordinance and is without any capital improvements.  Any offers for the property identified hereinbelow may be made to Thomas Cardis, Borough Clerk, at the Borough of Pine Hill Municipal Building, 45 W. 7th Avenue, Pine Hill, New Jersey, 08021, for a period of twenty (20) days from March 23, 2017, the date of advertisement of this Notice, for not less than the minimum prices set forth herein below.  All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope which is marked as a bid and the block and lot numbers shall be placed on the exterior of the envelope.  The sale will be in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

            The properties being sold are subject to Federal, State and Municipal Laws and Regulations, including applicable Ordinances, easements, conditions, restrictions and rights of way of record and such facts as an accurate survey may disclose. 

            The properties to be sold are undersized for development under the Borough Zoning Ordinances.  Bids will be limited to contiguous landowners only.

            The properties to be sold are described as follows:

Block              Lot                  Property Location                  Acreage          Bid Minimum

48                    3, 4                  1005 Pine Street                       0.1722             $2,000

59                    10, 11              East 8th Avenue                         0.34               $   500

62                    7, 8 & 9           Wright Avenue                          0.13                $   500

65                    40                    East 8th Avenue                        0.08                 $1,000

76                    4.01, 5 & 6      West 3rd Avenue                       0.2066             $2,000

81                    16                    58 Poplar Avenue                     0.256               $2,000

84                    9, 10                West 1st Avenue                       0.17                 $2,000

91                    9, 10                230 Erial Road                         0.17                 $2,000

99.03               8, 9                  Terrace Avenue                        0.17                 $2,000

107                  22                    Greenwood Avenue                 0.03                 $1,000

             The sale of the property being made subject to the terms, conditions, restrictions and limitations of a Letter Contract between the successful bidder and the Borough and the following terms and conditions:

                                                            Terms of Sale:

  1. The property is being sold in an “AS IS” “WHERE IS” condition.  The successful bidder is responsible for conducting any and all inspections and testings on the property at its own cost and expense.
  2. The successful bidder shall pay pro-rated real estate taxes for the balance of the current year as of the date of the closing of title. 
  3. The closing of title to the property is “time is of the essence” and must take place within 30 days from the date of the acceptance of the bid by the Borough Council.  In the event said purchaser shall fail to make settlement within that time period, the 10% deposit shall be forfeited as liquidated damages. 
  4. A 10% deposit is required to be paid by the successful bidder within 72 hours of notification from the Borough that said party is the successful bidder.  If the 10% deposit is not made within that time period, the Borough has the right to accept the bid from the next highest bidder.
  5. The successful bidder shall consolidate the property purchased with other contiguous lot or lots so as to be part of a reconfigured lot in conformance with the Borough’s zoning requirements.  No variances shall be requested or permitted for this property and there shall be no further subdivision of the property. 
  6. A Bargain and Sale Deed shall be the document of conveyance and no warranties or representations as to title are made by the Borough.  If, however, the Borough is unable to convey marketable title, any deposit monies received will be returned. 
  7. The confirmation of the sale by the Governing Body will be a complete acceptance of the bid and thereafter within 30 days from said confirmation, the settlement must be completed by the successful bidder.  In the event the successful bidder defaults and fails to complete the settlement within that time period allowed, the down payment shall be forfeited to the Borough’s liquated damages. 
  8. The lots being offered for sale are subject to existing liens, encumbrances, judgments, zoning regulations, easements, Department of Environmental Protection regulations and any other regulations which said facts would be revealed by a title report and accurate survey which the Borough is not undertaken.  The Borough makes no representations as to any previous use of the property and does not guaranty clear title to the property.
  9. The successful bidder shall be required to pay all conveyance expenses including transfer taxes, legal fees, and pro-rated advertising cost and to provide at its own expense a title search and legal description to the Borough for the preparation of the Deed of Conveyance. 
  10. At the closing, the Borough will transfer the Borough’s rights of ownership of the property to the successful bidder.  This transfer of ownership shall be subject to (a) easements and restrictions of record, (b) the stated interest, if any, of the United States and/or the State of New Jersey to the lands now or formally flowed by tidewaters, (c) flooding and drainage rights, if any, of adjoining property owners in streams or water courses bounding or crossing the property in any way, (d) rights, public and private of any part of the premises including within the lines of the street or right-of-way, (e) rights of adjoining owners, (f) any facts that the land or buildings located thereon which a correct survey would disclose, (g) any and all applicable governmental regulations, (h) occupants/tenants of the property, if any, (i) any facts which will be disclosed by a title search, (j) environmental contamination, and (k) the possibility of title being voided due to an irregularity in the proceedings utilized by the Borough to acquire or dispose of the property. 
  11. The successful bidder must execute a Letter Contract which will be provided to the successful bidder within 72 hours of notification from the Borough that said party is the successful bidder. 
  12. The contiguous land owners for the purposes of this sale shall be limited to the legal owner of record as of the date of this sale.  Contract purchasers and tax lien owners are not deemed contiguous for the purpose of this sale.  The description and location of the land is for information purposes only, and prospective bidders should examine the Property prior to bidding to verify this information. 
  13. The Borough Council does hereby reserve the right to reject and all bids received on the properties identified herein or to withdraw this offer to sell at any time prior to the sale, without cause or advertisement of same. 
  14. Any material prepared and distributed in connection with this sale is for convenience purposes only and is intended to give prospective bidders a general understanding of the condition, location and size of the property.  The Borough of Pine Hill is not responsible for errors that may appear in such materials.  Each prospective bidder is urged to thoroughly research and examine the property prior to placing a bid.  The property can be made available for inspection by appointment only.  Prospective bidders desiring to inspect the property should contact Patricia Hendricks, Deputy Borough Clerk, at 856-783-7400 between the hours of 9 A.M. and 4 P.M. to make an appointment.

                                                                                     BOROUGH OF PINE HILL

                                                                              BY: _____________________________
                                                                                     THOMAS CARDIS, Borough Clerk
                                                                                      45 W. 7th Street, Pine Hill, NJ 08021







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